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BODY WORK RENO offers a high level of pain & performance bodywork therapy that will help you reach your goals and achieve results. 

Due to the nature of my practice, the best way to start our communication is via email. I am a one-man-show and rarely have time to make or receive calls during business hours.

If you are interested in scheduling your first appointment, or if you have any questions, please fill out the form below. Please let me know what your goals are, if you are on a time-sensitive schedule, what your general availability is, and how you heard about Body Work Reno. After we schedule a consultation or service, you will receive a one-time authorization code to purchase your first massage. Once your purchase is confirmed, we are ready to roll and your massage is booked.

First Appointment [please read]. Expect up to 30 minutes of consultation time before your treatment begins. While the initial consultation gives me good insight into your health history and goals, and gives me a good idea of where to start and what to focus on, it is nearly impossible to say exactly what your body really needs until your treatment has started. In your first appointment, all upgrades and add-ons are completely complimentary as your body requires. Please allow time after your appointment to sit, relax, breathe and discuss treatment plans. 

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