Integrated BODYWORK Therapy

Each session is customized to achieve optimum results for each individual. Various modalities are seamlessly integrated to meet your goals. Allow extra time for consultation & discussing treatment plans and self-care.

1/2 hr session -- $70
1 hour session -- $100
1.5 hour session -- $135
2 hour session -- $170
3 hour session -- $250 (often used to combine multiple treatments in one visit)

PACKAGES: Purchase 5 (1, 1.5, or 2 hour) Sessions, get $50 off your 6th
1 hour 6-Pack -- $550
1.5 hour 6-Pack — $760
2 hour 6-Pack — $970


Upgrade your experience to include a variety of specialty treatments, oils, creams and tools to maximize the benefits and results of your massage.

NOW INCLUDED IN YOUR SERVICE. - no extra charge per upgrade

Headache/Migraine Treatment
Sinus Relief Treatment
InfraRed Heat Therapy
Cold Stone Therapy
Warm Bamboo Massage
Pure Therapeutic Essential Oils
NeuroKinetic Therapy
Basic Taping or Ortho Cupping
Sports/Movement Treatment


Homeostasis AromaTherapy Treatment -- 1hr -- $120
PreMenstrual Relief Treatment -- 1hr -- $120
Scar Refinement (with pure Frankincense E.O.) -- 30min -- $80

NEW... express Services

No long consultation times. No fancy treatments. Just focused customized bodywork designed to get the job done and get you feeling better. Times listed are "hands-on." Allow a few extra minutes for disrobing and getting dressed... designed to get you out the door in the "hands-on" time plus 10 minutes max.

20 minute session -- $45
50 minute session -- $70
80 minute session -- $100
110 minute session -- $130

E.O. & Orthopedic topical add ons available. — Inquire.

Sport Cupping

Sport Cupping


Contemporary Cupping Therapies

An ancient medical art, beautifully refined to meet today’s health, fitness and wellness challenges. 

Sport Cupping
30 minutes -- $70
45 minutes -- $95
60 minutes -- $120

Orthopedic Cupping
15 minutes -- $40
30 minutes --$60

BioMagnetic Field Cupping -- $75

Detoxification & Aesthetics:

Abdominal Cupping
the noninvasive alternative to colon hydrotherapy
Single Treatment -- $75
Four Session Series -- $280

Facial Rejuvenation
   natural face-lift treatment
Single Treatment -- $80
Skin-Type E.O. Add-On -- $10
Packages available* (inquire)

Body Contouring
   cellulite reduction treatment
First Treatment -- $150
Follow-up --$120
E.O. Add-On -- $10-20
Packages available** (inquire)

As with any therapeutic treatment, results achieved through any cupping treatment can vary from person to person.
*The recommended initial course of treatment with Facial Rejuvenation is 6 to 12 sessions.
**The recommended initial course of treatment with Body Contouring is 12 to 24 sessions.
The results are cumulative, and the best results are achieved if aesthetic cupping treatments are performed 1-2 times per week. I recommend an initial consultation to discuss treatment plans, expectations, and whether you are a good candidate for the treatments. Monthly to quarterly follow-up sessions are recommended to maintain results.

RockTape Kinesiology Tape

RockTape Kinesiology Tape


Kinesiology Taping

The rehabilitative & performance movement modality designed to support the body’s natural healing process, help enforce healthy movement patterns, and provide extended soft tissue manipulation to prolong the benefits of massage, cupping, & nkt therapies.

Stand-alone Kinesiology Taping appointment
Basic -- $20
Edema -- $25
Performance -- $25 & up

Proud to feature ROCKtape brand kinesiology tape


Neurokinetic Therapy -- NKT

The corrective movement system that treats the cause of dysfunction, not the symptoms.

NeuroKinetic Therapy combines Applied Kinesiology/Manual Muscle Testing, Motor Control Theory, Movement Screening & Assessment, and Manual Therapies in a systematic approach to identify the cause of pain and the root of dysfunction... and treat it.

NKT Sessions are done with the client in comfortable/athletic clothing, and require clients' active engagement through movement tests. These are not "strength" tests, but rather tests that identify areas of inhibition or dysfunctional compensation patterns. Once these patterns are identified, and treated in the session, it is then the clients' responsibility to complete the assigned corrective exercises on a consistent daily basis.

First Session -- $100
Follow-Up -- $80